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Google provide APIs, (Application Programming Interfaces), to enable developers to access data and functionality on websites or in applications.

Some of the APIs available are:

  • Goole Adwords. Create and maintain Adword campaigns from your web sites or application.
  • Google AJAX Language API. Detect and translate multiple languages.
  • Google AJAX Search API. Add a Google search to your site.
  • Google Analytics. Track your sites usage.
  • Google Base Data. Manage Google Base content.
  • Google Calendar. Manage Google calendars from a client application.
  • Google Chart API.. Embed charts on your website.
  • Google Checkout.
  • Google Earth API. Embed Google Earth into you website.
  • Google Maps API. Embed Google Maps into your website.
  • YouTube API. Embed YouTube content into your web site.

As you can see, Google provide the developer with an API to most of there online applications. We have experience of working with the Google APIs.

If you have thought about  adding Google content to your site or using one of the APIs to develop a new application get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirement.

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