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JRAH have been member of the eBay Developer Program since April 2007.
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eBay provide an API, (Application Programming Interface), that can be used by software developers to access and modify eBay data from their own applications. JRAH have been members of the eBay Developers Program since April 2007 and have used the API to develop applications and deliver systems integrations solutions for our customers.

If you are thinking about integrating an existing application or web site with eBay, or have an idea for an application, give us and ring and we would be happy to discuss your requirement.

Overview of the eBay API.

The functions provided by the eBay API provide users with a means of developing innovative applications that enable them to trade more effectively, whether it be by checking prices of listed items, ensuring that stock data is kept up to date or retrieving sales data that can be loaded into your accounting package.

 Some of the functions provided by the API are listed below.


Search for Items using eBay's next generation Finding Platform.

The ability to run scheduled automatic or adhoc user instigated searches from an application can provide eBay buyers and seller with some interesting opportunities. Comparing competitor prices. or checking the availability of products you are thinking of adding to your range for example.

PriceLista is an eBay Compatible Application.We have developed an eBay search tool based on eBay's Finding API. PriceLista enables uses to create and save very specific eBay searches. These searches can be run manually or to a daily weekly or monthly schedule. More information about PriceLista can be found in the client case studies section of this site.


PriceLista has passed eBay's compatible application tests.  The tests are designed to ensure that applications that use the eBay API and robust, secure and use friendly.


The eBay API provides function calls to enable the listing of items from applications or web sites. JRAH have used the selling API to enable customers to create eBay listings from data already held in their back office systems. This can be useful where a company lists a large number of products or where the data that has to be displayed on the listing is complex.  A good example of this is the integration work done for Iezura.

Iezura sell car parts. They have a huge inventory of over 6000 car parts, many of which can fit more than one model of car. When listing car parts they need to display information telling the customer which model of car a part will fit. JRAH worked with Iezura to integrate their existing car part cataloguing system with eBay. Part application data is now automatically added to the listings, which are created from a number of listing templates. Sales data is retrieved from eBay and used to update the back office stock control and order processing systems.

The API also provides functions to enable applications to retrieve historical pricing data from eBay. This type of data could prove valuable to seller trying to determine  what products to sell and what price to sell them for.


API calls are available that can be used to retrieve data such as item listings, eBay member profiles and popular searches and items.


The Feedback API provides a means of managing feedback from an application.


  PriceLista - The eBay listing checking site.

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